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We only charge 10% above cost on all plant materials and decorative curbing.

At Diamond Peak Landscape we are committed to excellence. We will stay with you, until our job is completed. We will exceed your expectations. Our Goal is to transform your yard into a series of Destinations. Paver Pathway’s, that lead to Patio’s, Courtyards, Water Features and Seating Area’s can be incorporated into your design that makes sense. Our Goal is to create a Sanctuary, a place for you to relax and admire.

Our Water Features use only “State of the Art” Pumps and Filtration systems, and 45 mil Pond Liner. Whether you choose to have a Koi Pond installed , or a “Pondless” Waterfall, or a meandering Creek, Diamond Peak Landscape will meet your needs. We use natural boulders and stone for our Water Features, and secure them for safety purposes should Children choose to “explore”. We install an Auto Fill to replenish water lost through evaporation for summertime use.
We also install Ball Valves “in line”, for two reasons. One to change the flow and sound, and one for easy clean out purposes. We provide Low Voltage Lighting for all our Water Features, which creates another dimension for you to enjoy.

Our Paver Patio’s and Walkway’s and Courtyards start with a solid foundation of Green Base material. As you can see in many of our Photo’s, we also install a Decorative Curbing border, which gives a “clean” look. Our cutting of the paver to fit every curve is impressive, to say the least. We use a “Black” top sand to solidify the Paver, and bring out the color of the Paver. We then seal all our Pavers with Wet look Sealer which allows you to hose your Patio without losing top sand.

Our Retaining Walls are equipped with drainage behind the Wall to protect the foundation.
Retaining Walls will soften a severe slope and create planting area’s, and give the Landscape beauty and dimension.

At Diamond Peak Landscape, Irrigation System’s and Drip Irrigation are installed with great care. Our Lawn Irrigation uses auto drains for easy winterization, and our drip systems use the proper Emitter (gallon’s per minute) for the Tree or Shrub. With a high Alkaline content here in Nevada proper Fertilization needs to be used. I teach my Clients to lower PH Levels to ensure healthy and vibrant Plant Life.
After all these years, I still treat your project as if it were my own. Each morning when I awake, I can’t wait to go to work.
Jim Lish, (owner) Diamond Peak Landscape Services

Winter Special
  For those of you who live in Home Owners Associations
Take advantage of the off season, and get your Landscape design  and Architectural Drawing done, and approved by the H.O.A. early. 
Each winter we offer this service for free,  and it has been a resounding success. 
It is a way for us to give back to the community that is so important to us as a company.
Residential customers outside of HOA’S are welcome too!
          Jim Lish, (owner) Diamond Peak Landscape (541) 220-6196

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